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Manufacturing Process:

MS Scrap along with Carbon (in the form of Coal), Fluxing Agents (Lime and Dolomite) and Ferro Alloys are charged to the EAF and melted. The molten steel is only partially refined in the EAF. Secondary refining is done in a LRF after tapping the liquid metal from EAF to remove the impurities like Sulphur and Phosphorous and Tramp elements. The molten steel, after refining in the LRF is then poured to the Tundish Reservoir and then cast to billets in a Billet Casting Machine. The cast Billets are then charged to a Re-Heating Furnace and rolled in the rolling mill and rapidly Quenched with water under high pressure after the finishing mill stand to produce TMT bars of High Quality.


  • High Grade Alloy Steels, Free cutting and Spring Steels, Plain Carbon and Mild Steels.
  • My Steel 500 TMT bars.