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Mysore Steels Ltd (MYST) is a Mini Steel Plant, established in the year 1976 in NAMMA MYSURU. The Company has been engaged in the manufacture of Special & Alloy Steels & also Construction Steel(TMT Bars). MYST has been serving the Industrial & Construction Sectors in the entire Southern India. The success story of MYST dates back to 1976, forged by an in-depth understanding of customer needs against the challenging back drop of a highly competitive global economy. MYST has the distinction of being the only Mini Steel Plant since the Seventy’s in Karnataka with a proven track record of Market Leadershipin the Steel Sector. MYST incorporates the latest technologies using state-of-the-art Machinery & Equipments to ensure international quality standards and therefore, the Steel is manufactured through the Electric Arc Furnace Route (EAF) with a Ladle Refining Furnace(for Secondary Refining to remove Impurities) & a Billet Casting Machine. This makes MYST one of the very few industries in the country today that makes mild steel for HSD bars through the EAF route. High Grade Steels vIz., alloy steels,free cutting & Spring Steels in addition to Plain Carbon & Mild are being manufactured at MYST. Mild Steel Billets produced in the EAF are further rolled in the existing Rolling Mill facility to produce High Quality FE-500 & other Grades of TMT Bars in sizes ranging from 8 mm to 32 mm dia conforming to IS:1786-2008.

A Word on our Chairman

Our Managements perception, perseverance and quest to achieve the self-imposed objectives have all been translated in to action ever since the
incorporation of the Company. Shimoga Steels Ltd is now rechristened as MYSORE STEELS LIMITED. This Re-incarnation is an effort of the Management to make the name of the company become one with the place where it is situated and to make it a house hold name in and around the ‘great clean city of MYSORE’ in the days to come and also, it is a step towards making the company’s name become more conversant and be identified with the place of its existence.

The Company is in business since 1973 and it was one of the very few first manufacturing industries Mysore has seen with state of art technology and has been occupying a premier position on the industrial map of the State of Karnataka.

The Management’s perspective and long drawn goals and nurturing efforts to achieve them over the yesteryears of 4 decades despite various trials and tribulations due to lack of conducive atmosphere, full power, demand in the market etc., have not all that been easy. Of many a mini-steel plant in the state, Mysore Steels Ltd is the only one first generation company which has stood the test of time while many others have faded into the history in the last 43 years.

The acute sense of discipline of the Management all these years in every minute aspect, its dispassionate endeavor and adherence to keep up to the statutory and other legal compliances from time to time have all made and tempered the company to sustain and overcome any adversities from time to time under the stewardship of our chairman Sri. Santana Raman.

The present management with all humility at their command express their sense of profound and respectful gratitude and also look forward for his contributions and support and guidance for now and in future endeavors of the company to the progress of which he has been the BEACON and the guiding light for all these years.


‘My Steel 500’ is a high strength deformed bar. By keeping the level of impurities like Sulphur and phosphorous to below 0.045 each and both together below 0.075 %. Use of Evcon Turbo TMT facility gives uniform mechanical properties through out the length of the HSD bar. ‘My Steel 500′ conforms to the latest standards (amendment to IS 1786:2008 in Nov 2012) set by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).’My Steel 500’  is manufactured through a superior and controlled steel making and rolling processes ensure very low levels of impurities like sulphur and phosphorous and uniform mechanical properties. These impurities decrease the strength of steel in extreme hot and cold conditions. Therefore lower these values the better.

‘My Steel 500’ is available in sizes from 6mm to 32mm.

Advantages of My Steel 500 and Higher Grades of TMT Bars:

  • Product range from 8mm to 32mm dia.
  • Customer centric approach.
  • Comparable cost and High Quality.
  • Easy Bendability & Weldability.
  • Heat resistant upto 500 degrees C.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Earthquake resistant.

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